Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Your troubles are like my own

Your troubles are like my own
The night is long the day won't sleep
I pray for me I pray for you
I pay my tithes I pay yours too.

Open your eyes or I'll close mine too
Dream away I'll dream for you
See, my death is long overdue
Worn out, I'm worn for you.

A very sad poem touching on the misery of a man who has lost his dear wife. He continues to live on for her in a way that is very much in the deep grieving stage. He cannot move on from this. Instead of moving on, embracing her death and celebrating her life, he chooses to try to live for her in a way that humans arn't meant to live for the dead.

Also this is about carrying another's burden, having deep empathy as suggested by the first stanza. 

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