Oh peace! Why is thou far from me?
Oh patience! Why has thou hid your face?
My feet walketh on slippery grounds
And love grippeth me not
Where is the stone that anchoreth my soul?
Where is the joy that makes me whole?
I stretched my eyes afar to see,
I wandered beyond the mist and screamed.
Why oh virtues are thou far from me?
Let me die so that this bitterness may leave
Look and see the emptiness within,
A walking corpse I am to thee
Where is hope?
Tell me its nigh, tell me its nigh, tell me its nigh!
Drippeth my blood slowly down
I’ll take my last breath and kiss good night.

What a fool that died tonight
All because he cherished sin in his heart
Lived a life of hypocrisy
Lived a life deceiving thee
Time and time we warned his heart
He listened not so he received his due
The sin he loved sweetly rotted his bone



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