Thursday, 18 March 2010

Remedy for a wounded soul

There is no greater remedy to a wounded soul than the gospel of Christ. That Gospel which exalts the love of God for sinful humanity. That Gospel that proclaims that Christ who is King and Lord of Lords was crucified on a tree, became a shameful spectacle for the world to behold and all considered Him cursed. He was mocked and despised, those who loved him deserted him and yet little did they know that all this was God’s doing. It pleased the father to crush him for he carried the sins of his people and it greater pleased his father to raise him from the dead. This Christ that was crucified did not remain in the grave but was raised back to life, so that now sinners can be set free from their debts to sin, be free from the power of death and now live a life that is altogether pleasing to God Almighty. This Gospel is offered freely, freely to all. This glorious salvation of grace that calls all men to repent and believe soothes the soul of injured sinners. If anyone of you is thirsty let him believe in the gospel of Christ. For Christ has risen and He is able to comfort the sinners soul. Whatever your state is, whether that of despair or a shameful disgrace, whether of contempt or of a sleepless spirit believe the gospel of Christ. For Christ has risen and in Him is pleasures forever more. There is joy for your soul, for that is your portion. Remain not in your despair, nor wallow no more in your guilt but turn to the cross. For his hands are wide spread and though the nails pierce his hands yet he considers you and prays for you. His love is unfailing and in offering you mercy God is glorified, Christ is exalted as your saviour. Come and taste his goodness for He is sweet and the bitter taste that engulfs your soul will become a most delicious honey. Focus not on yourself but on Christ turn to him, seek his kingdom and his righteousness. This remedy cures the infirmity of the heart and satisfies the longings of our souls.


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