Wednesday, 10 March 2010

In the Midst of troubles
When my sins overflowed
I dwelt in pain and misery
My heart filled with great wickedness
I am convinced, I am convinced
I'm a rebel at heart
I have drunk deep the joy of the world
And I am swayed by its charm
My eyes wanders
And lo, my flesh urges me
The whisper of the devil persuades me
And I lift up my sword against the Lord
I consider His ways, but I discard the thought
To please my own soul I sin against thee
I sin knowing I have sinned
But no power to alleviate
Because my power I have given it
Am I not wretched, am I not evil
for my conscious testifies
And His law holds me guilty
Is not my shame evidence of my guilt
Is not my misery the penalty of His wrath
For my soul would have died to the misery of my sin
Maybe death would have been sweeter than life
Had I not tasted His goodness, I would not have longed
Had I not heard, I would not have cried
Who am I that I should treat His grace so cheap
That I should trample on the blood of Christ
My condemnation is just- my punishment is deserved
Oh if there is reconciliation for me, let me have it
Let me feel it, that I may tell sinners your ways
And Transgressors the goodness of your grace


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