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"I am a Muslim. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?

Question: "I am a Muslim. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?"

Answer: True Christians are followers of Isa/Jesus. Since the Qur’an commended Isa, faithful Muslims should study Isa’s teachings and obey them (Surah 3:48-49; 5:46).

What does the Qur’an say about Isa?
• Allah sent Isa, supporting Him with the Holy Spirit (Surah 2:87)
• Allah exalted Isa (Surah 2:253)
• Isa was righteous and sinless (Surah 3:46; 6:85; 19:19)
• Isa was raised from the dead (Surah 19:33-34)
• Allah commanded Isa to establish a religion (Surah 42:13)
• Isa ascended into heaven (Surah 4:157-158)

The Bible is Jesus’ Word
Isa’s teachings were recorded by His disciples in the Injeel (Gospel). Surah 5:111 states that the disciples were inspired by Allah to believe in Isa and His message. As Allah’s helpers (Surah 61:6, 14), Isa’s disciples would have accurately recorded His teaching.

The Qur’an instructs Muslims to uphold and obey both the Torah and the Gospels (Surah 5:44-48). Muhammad would not have given that instruction if the Gospels had been corrupted. Therefore, the copies of the Gospels in Muhammad’s time were trustworthy and accurate. There are copies of the Gospels that precede Muhammad’s time by 450 years. When comparing the most ancient copies, the copies from Muhammad’s time, and the copies dated after Muhammad’s time, all the copies of the Gospels are consistent in their testimony of Jesus and His teaching. No evidence can prove that the Gospels have been corrupted. Therefore, all of Jesus’ teachings are preserved accurately in the Bible.

Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection

Knowing the Gospels are true, what do they teach about Jesus? The Gospels record that Jesus foretold His life’s work: He said He would be crucified, killed, and raised from the dead (Matthew 20:19). The Gospels record this happening exactly as Jesus predicted (Matthew 27-28; Mark 15-16; Luke 23-24; John 19-21).

Why would the sinless Jesus allow Himself to be executed? He said that there is no greater love than to sacrifice your life for your friends (John 15:13). Why would God allow His prophet to be mistreated and killed? John 3:16 says that He loved us enough to send Jesus to be a sacrifice for us.

Jesus sacrificed for our sin

Why do we need Jesus to sacrifice His life for us? This is the key difference between Islam and Christianity. Islam teaches that Allah judges us based on whether our good deeds outweigh our bad deeds. Even if it were possible to outweigh bad deeds with good deeds, God is so holy that He will not allow anyone into heaven who has committed even a single sin (James 2:10). The holy God cannot allow anything short of perfection into heaven. We all belong apart from Him in hell.

God knew that we had all sinned and therefore could not enter heaven. God knew that the only way we could be forgiven was for our sin debt to be paid by a perfect One dying in our place. God knew that He alone could pay such an infinite price.

God’s plan to save us

Therefore, God sent His Son to be born of a virgin. Jesus is God’s Son – not that God had parental relations with Mary but in the sense of His relationship with God and deity (John 1:1, 14). Jesus Christ proved He was God’s Son by His sinless life, perfect message, death for sin, and resurrection from the dead.

What does Jesus Christ’s life and death mean for you? God offers salvation from sin to those who trust Jesus as their Savior from sin and Lord of life. Jesus declared, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father [God] except through me” (John 14:6).

Clearly, Jesus taught that He is the only way to God. Only by Jesus can we reach paradise. God will forgive our sins, help us live for Him, and give us eternal life. How can we reject such a precious gift? How can we turn our backs on God who loved us enough to sacrifice Himself for us?

Becoming a Christian

If you are unsure about the truth, say the following prayer to God: “Please, God, show me the truth. Help me discern and reject what is false. Point me to the correct way of salvation.” God will honor such a prayer.

If God is leading you to trust Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and follow Him as Lord, ask God for the gift of salvation through Jesus. Here is an example of such a prayer: “God, I turn from loving my sin and trying to reach paradise through my own works. Thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and rise from the dead. I trust Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I love You, Lord, and submit myself to You. Amen!”

Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior and Lord because of what you have read here today? If so, click on the "I have put my faith in Jesus today" button below.


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