Helping out at One B

One B is a community house where a group of believers aim to live together in intentional community and share their lives. The aim of the community is not just inward looking but explicitly outward looking as well. The house is to be a light to the local community and hospitality, welcoming those who are in need and embracing the outcast with the unconditional love of God.

Today, I went round to the house to help out with some of the things that needed to be done because there is much to do in the house yet. On arriving, I noticed that it was a very big house with many rooms and it was evident that the house is in the process of renovation. I was giving a job to do and I did with joy although my clothes acquired a lot of dust and thought perhaps I should have brought another pair of clothes to change into. Then it was time for lunch and I was served with pasta which I enjoyed and then I attempted to make myself a coffee but I threw half of it away because it was very bitter.

Whilst eating lunch I was introduce to three people and it was a delight to meet them and one guy in particular I had a very good conversation with because he told me of his situation and I had the opportunity to minister to him. I was prompted in my heart to pray for him but I delayed a while because I wanted him to finish his dialogue. I reminded him of the passage in which Christ told his disciples not to worry about anything but to trust in him, yea, to trust in their heavenly Father. He acknowledged that he needed to do that more and I encouraged him to do so. I still wanted to pray for him and then I was interrupted for it was time for my next duty, so I quickly prayed for him and said my good bye.

Another thing I did was that in doing my duty, I took the pleasure in praying for the house, I prayed that it may be a blessing to this community and many who venture in here for help may find faith in Christ Jesus. I will continue to pray for this house and pray that the love of Christ may be so tangible and the house a light for the whole community. I will pray for peace and for all the work that yet is to be done.



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