Rene and Poet

Rene: So, my good Poet, why the Long face?

Poet: I really genuinely don’t know which step I ought to take for I am besotted with her but when I do see her all of my premeditative plans seems to be non existent and I feel somewhat unworthy and my soul is quietened within me. Perhaps I wish for her not to know although I do but I am not yet convinced either way whether her feelings are reciprocal so yet I linger in the dark but I must not stay there too long lest a charming handsome guy should take her away and forever is my opportunity gone. So what must I do? (Shrugs his shoulder, and then pauses for a little while).
For I enjoy our friendship but I think that at times because of my disposition to withdraw and remain quiet and hardly display no affection that I may be driving her away so I must change and perhaps be loose but to behave in this manner, I am not well trained so my folly may be evident and she being quick natured and cultured may see this and take the wrong assumption from it; although if she made the right assumption then I would be glad, then I could take notice of her following actions and that should give me clear signs of what she thinks of me.

Rene: My Poet, what is she to you?

Poet: She is to me when I’m with her like a summer’s afternoon, the butterflies wandering up and down, the flowers ever so green and hearing the soft sounds of the water trickling down the stream. I lay still with awed eyes tired by the mid-day beam, snared by her availing beauty. (He looks up with a gentle smile starring passionately into Rene's eyes). She is my sunrise, the cascading melody of all my desires.



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