This week

This week has been to me a mixture of casual doses of melancholy and a sweetness deriving from the loving kindness of our heavenly Father.  My feet at times moved not; although the heart was filled with ambition which then led to frustration because I had not freely accomplish the things in which I had aimed to accomplish. Nevertheless high points of my week was when on Wednesday I played for UWE 1st against Exeter and I was deeply humbled because there was no place in the starting line up for me but I was later substituted in and scored the winning goal which I attributed to divine providence. Also, meeting up with people in small group and having dinner at our house with some friends was of sheer delight and the times I spent in writing and reading was sweet to my soul. Although, some of the old worries and anxieties, wanting to come back again, I cast them away to the wind and entrusted myself to Jesus and his promises.

Yesterday I went to a day conference with the Christian union in Exeter and my heart was strangely warmed because the meal for the whole day was the Love of God. Mike Reeves spoke and I have heard him a couple of times and he loves God, yea, the triune God and loves to speak about God. The whole assembly I believe was moved and my regret was that I made not much effort to invite more people to this meal which was wholly tasteful. I shall hope to deposit sometime on this blog of that which I have learnt.

Also at the international event I went to after the conference, I was approached by a Lady who told me all of her troubles and deep it was but I thank God for her life and I pray that she may continue in the steps of her sweet Saviour, Jesus Christ. Some have sensed a pastoral aura around me and my aim for the future is to be a pastoral/missional theologian but I feel an inadequacy in me, nevertheless it is Christ who accomplishes and gives gifts to whomever he wills.

May God bless you all and I pray that I may not restrict myself in my love for you all.

Love. K.Oni


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