Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hungry for more

I see tonight, many souls, with sweet delight particularly to the things of the Lord, standing with passionate hearts, hungry for more, that is of his presence and of his joy to engulf them. With praiseful hearts they declare his praises and there eyes set like flint to seek his lovely unveiled face. And I standing there, watching the believers take to their God, felt his presence for I had spent parts of my day in his presence and it was very familiar to me. It delights my soul that there are such as these whom God is their pleasure, the reality of everything sweet. To them, like me, there is nothing sweeter or more enjoyable so that their being here is of a willingness of heart to take the opportunity to delight in his holiness. It may be true that some are here for the benefits, they want to advance their own agenda and feel that by being here tonight, God may bless them and thus they can show off their power and display the gifts bestowed upon them for their own glory. May it never be true of me O LORD but sanctify my heart that all I do may be for your eternal glory.

Psalm 145 was read aloud by a multiple of people and it is a psalm of exaltation. Will you not worship the Lord? as He not yet consumed you with his delight? as He not yet covered you with His garment? Is your heart not longing for Him while you stay away from Him? Is your throat not dry and won't you come to his fountain to drink so freely? Has He not yet kissed you? Have you not seen the flame in his eyes and how it burns for you? Oh I plea with you with all of heavens host, come, come, for He has prepared a place for you.

Hungry for more is an extended worship/prayer session for two to three hours where people can come to worship and pray freely. There is a worship band and opportunities are given for people to pray out loud or share what is in their hearts. I was there for an hour and a half, and it was sweet delight to my soul and I was filled with a peace and joy in which the Lord at times showers me with, so that I can do nothing but still my soul and adore the loveliness of his holiness.


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