Monday, 7 May 2012

Book review: Solid Ground

Over the past decade or so, some within evangelicalism have begun to question the uniqueness of the Bible. Those who question the uniqueness and inerrancy of the bible have suggested that we ought to treat the bible as a book (special) but not as the unique book that perfectly illumines all things. God’s overall authority is brought into question; his glory is diminished as Scripture is not all God-breathed. The essays featured in this book explore that glory by unfolding the richness and perfections of the triune God. Contributions to this book includes well-known figures such as R.C Sproul, J.I Packer and Mark Dever. A thorough convicting defence is presented for the church to return to its central, long-standing, and vital conviction that the bible is the Word of God, and so without error in its original autographs, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.

Mark Dever writing about the importance of the Word in the Church especially the centrality of preaching states “I know that some today are suggesting that we need a less rational, more artistic, less authoritarian and elitist, more communal and participatory way of communicating Gods truth than this ancient way of one person standing there giving a monologue, while others sit and listen in silence. Such a critique of preaching is being made by many today, including evangelical authors. I think the ‘ancient method’ may be especially appropriate today, however given our isolating subjectivist, anti-authority, confused and confusing culture. Given this, there is just something downright appropriate about Gods people gathering and all closing their mouths, opening their ears, and listening to one person preach. Not just tell stories about his relationship with his kids and his dog, but actually preach God’s word to God’s people”.

Preachers should be driven by God’s word and not tend themselves to the itching ears of the audience.
If preachers don’t preach expositionally, they will never preach more than they already know, and constant topical subject may also lead the congregation to be conformed to the preacher’s mind rather than to God’s mind. Preachers ought to preach the word for in the history of revivals, preaching has been the principal means for revival.

The church need to stand on the authority of the Bible and maintain its uniqueness. Scripture is the Churches only infallible rule of faith and practice, without it, there is no ultimate authority. Everything becomes arbitrary.

Some may argue that Scripture itself is ambiguous to which Martin Luther would reply, “If scripture is obscure and ambiguous, what point is there in God given it to us? Are we not obscure and ambiguous enough without having our own obscurity, ambiguity, and darkness augmented for us from heaven”. God will always make good of his words and “there is nothing in scripture so plain that some men have not doubted it”.

Do you believe Scripture is the only infallible rule of faith and practice? If yes this book will help solidify your convictions, and if negative or unsure, this book will help you see the reasons why you ought to believe in the inerrancy of scripture.


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