Miscellanies 41 - There is absolute Power in the Name of Jesus

There is absolute power, an unmitigated irrepressible power in the name of Jesus that breaks every chain, heals every disease, comforts every repenting sinner and brings all the elect of God safely home. No circumstances or earthly, spiritual power, can stand against this un-quenching power. Even that beloved friend, that pampered baby, freewill, has no power over the irrepressible power of Christ. In the end his love will crush your will, which will bring each saint at last to say, thank you Lord Jesus for finding me when I never knew I was lost. Thank you my altogether lovely saviour, the chief among ten thousands for unleashing your chariot of grace to stop the red sea from consuming me. 

I am willing my lovely Saviour to expose myself to difficulties and dangers, my life to hazard and to lay it down if the edification of the church so require and for the glory of your name. My heart, never faint, never sigh in the midst of danger and despair, his power, yea, that dangerous power of Love he has for me, will and has conquered every foe. There is after-all an omnipotent wave of eternal sweetness laid for me; death shall be my servant, my un-willing enemy that will accomplish my Master’s desire to have me safe in his heavenly arms. 



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