Miscellanies 43: Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?

Is it nothing to you all, all you who pass by? Look and see if there was any sorrow like his sorrow. Look at him. They call him the man of Sorrows, what a name for the Son of God who came eating and drinking. Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? That this man of sorrows bearing shame and scoffing rude is standing in your place. Look! It is all for your pardon. Will your souls not look back to see the burden he bears for thee as he hangs on that cursed tree? Will you not believe and rejoice, will you not mourn that it was your sins which caused the heavenly Father to inflict his wrath on his precious Son on the day of his fierce anger? Is it nothing to you all, all you who pass by that Jesus Christ, lifted up to die should not have your gaze? Oh ruined sinners it was all for you to reclaim- If you pass by this road and never look to gaze on his sacrifice, it shall never suffice for you. Stand like a penitent and confess your sins. Pause and linger, linger long enough until his blood trickles to your soul and you begin to sing of his bleeding love. On this day Jehovah lifted his rod and how mightily it fell on Christ, O see how bruised he is by justice, he is innocent but you are guilty. He covered you with his back and took the lashes upon himself. There is not one stroke for you, none at all. O Loved sinner, come, come quickly and see what Christ has done for you; leave your business at once, forsake the television, flee the parties, depart from your friends, kiss your family goodbye. Run beloved sinner, come and climb up the hill of Calvary, climb with endurance, climb with all of your might, and see him whose face is marred with sorrows. Look how he pities you, look how he cries, ‘Father, forgive them.’ Look how they crucified him without mercy, and yet, he offers you mercy. Look how he looks to the heavens and said: ‘it is finished’. Have you this day said thank you Lord for giving your life for me?



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