Saturday, 19 May 2012

Miscellanies 44 - A usual Sweetness

I feel an unusual happiness, a divine sweetness in my soul - or I should say I feel a usual happiness which has been made unusual by my running away from God. Instead of lingering and showering myself under the overflow of his love and grace for me, I runaway, becoming an absentee, a fugitive of his love and grace but now I am present, present under the divine yoke of Christ which is forever easy and light. I feel life in its absolute richness. O, what colours now colour the greyness of my life which once sat beneath the black horizon. But now I run on its horizontal wings breathing in the warm wind of grace. O for more of this usual sweetness, O for more of this divine errand that bids me to wake up the violet and water the lilies - Call me my Lord, call me at sunrise, for my feet are primed, my eyes awaits the timely visual of my beautiful Lord, my ears are impatient to hear that soft, majestic, heavenly voice. O speak my Lord and do not delay. 


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