Miscellanies 42: If you want to live like Jesus, you must live

If you want to walk with God, why of course you must walk. If you want to live like Jesus, why, of course, you must live. Jesus was baptized, be baptized. This was a command he gave his disciples to do for new followers. Jesus submitted to his father, submit to him too. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors, you must eat with them too. Jesus prayed often you must pray too. Jesus preached the gospel you must preach it too. Jesus carried his cross you must carry yours too. Jesus never sinned you must do your best to flee temptation. Jesus ate with the hypocrites you must eat with them too. Jesus restored the outcasts to the community (the lame, beggar, prostitute, addicts, etc) you must restore them too. I am not saying you have to do everything Jesus did after-all he is the unique Son of God and the only man able to accomplish redemption; but in his life he has shown us the most excellent way, he has given us an example to follow which the Holy Spirit makes possible, and as a church we accomplish it as a whole. *

* I did not mention miracles because not all have the gift of miracles, but we can all pray for it to happen and can desire it. (Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all possess gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret? But earnestly desire the higher gifts. And I will show you a still more excellent way). 1 Cor 12:29-31 - In fact there are other things I haven’t mentioned; this is not exhaustive. God is transforming us, some of it is instantaneous and some, well, like a slow cooker, it takes time. 



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