Sunday, 17 June 2012

Our Father

Our Father

Of never failing love - Who treasures up his bright designs and works his sovereign will

Clothed in splendour and girded with praise - still stores of his wonder untold

A changeless decree - Never find him to fail - Ineffable love, A vision gave of Calvary -

When clouds

Instead of sun,

Leads to crushed hopes, sickness unto death

Yet he guides with unerring hands for our good Father He is -

Every children’s theme His Son He gave beyond a seraph’s thought -

His love a refuge ever near - the performing God, The Sovereign Lord

Rising with healings in his wings- The fair glories of his grace to show -

For Man to view, enjoy at last - His glorious beauty displayed -

His children to see and dine, His Love shall be their everlasting feast.


Some phrases will be recognized as I am indebted to the free Presbyterian Church hymn book. ( I like to use it for personal worship and enjoyment of God)

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