Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Miscellanies 47: Full of ache

Are we, or any of us, burdened with a sense of sin? are we perplexed with temptations? are we bowed down under the oppression of any spiritual adversary? do we, on any of these accounts, “walk in darkness and have no light?” One view of the glory of Christ herein is able to support us and relieve us.
 I  must confess the truth of what I read here. For last night, up until the early mornings my heart was full of ache of a particular kind. I could not sleep as I felt the burden of the world upon my shoulders and another distinguishing feeling which at times accompany my feeble heart. Although this night I wasn’t burdened due to my own sins, but I was unable to rest, to be in that bed of Christ where sleep comes naturally to his saints. My eyes were wide awake, the terrible yet sweet ache still lingered until I at once began to read of the glory of Christ. I read and as I read I began to contemplate upon his glory; how beautiful his incarnation was that Him to whom the heaven seem unclean should stoop down to this earthly trash and make it his home. That Him to whom all honour, glory and praise belong should so humble himself as to become nothing, allowing the awful sinners of this earth to surpass him in splendour and glory. O I caught a glimpse of his glory and as light extinguishes the darkness, the ache of my soul fled away. I am relieved, O more of that surpassing glory. What is your trouble, what is your ache? Look now unto Christ, see him with the eyes of your heart.


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