Saturday, 23 June 2012

The joy of confession 18

Sinner: To you sir I acknowledge my sins and before God Almighty. For he was present when my evil deeds I committed but took no pleasure in his presence but rather abhorred it. Now, I feel evil, a son of perdition, arousing the Lord of hosts to jealousy and abusing the grace given to me in Christ Jesus. Now I am full of trouble, the heaviness on my heart could sink this unrighteous city. O I feel like a foe of the Lord, an enemy of righteousness. I feel like an entangled thorn, the blooms of my joy has wither, the earth heaves before me and my rocks are broken into pieces. I have heard Sir that with an overflowing flood he makes an end to his enemies - his torrents are set up against me and I cannot collect my strength. My lines no longer fall on pleasant places, my face can no longer endure the sight of his temple - O Sir my unrighteousness gleams like torches, my face grows pale. Behold he is against me, I am a marked man. O for help and grace, for mercy and pity - I am ever willing to release my sins forever if He should set his face on me again that I may enjoy his morning due and delight in his surpassing sunshine.

Sir: My Son in the faith; you are ever so sensitive to your sins. I have known you a while; and compared to others, your sins are not worth a comparison. But because you know the tune of holiness, understanding each distinctive notes that if any of it should ever be out of line, you my Son know of it and despair, where many men would have no notice of its variation. 

Let me comfort your soul in this - that you are a Son of God, born of His Spirit and He is your Father. Therefore he does not hate you but he loves you - your righteousness is ever so near him, that he thinks and looks on you with pity when you do not do away with your guilt and accept his pardon for you. You are a saint of Christ, no more known in his courts as a sinner; only walk worthy of what you are. No more a slave of unrighteousness for once he came to cut off your shackles of oppression to set you free and put his loving seal on you. He cares for you more than the flowers of the field and look how tender he attends to them. My Son, he loves you and has washed away your unrighteousness. 


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