Friday, 8 June 2012

Lost in the ambiguity of love

Lost in the ambiguity of love 
Stressing over freedom
Tired of friendship 
Caressing the suppressing sunrise 
Enjoying the warmth of the darkness 
Anticipating the end of a fleeting life - 

Kill the dead afternoon
Poison the sleeping beauty
Entertain the amusing canopy
Release this relentless inkling
Craving a selfish pilgrim -

The autumnal sky
Robbed, savaged, banished 
Unshackled hate unknown to fate - 
Want only to take 
My lostness to find no more in the ambiguity of Love.


An abstract poem about being lost in the ambiguity of love. If the meaning of love remains unknown or rather uncertain to the individual, it is a fleeting life, a selfish pilgrims existence.

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