The time tells of an Hames, a fair Dame now a lovely frame
Still with a smile but once a spirited mortal 
Famed like sands on seashores vessel.
Once, she wrestled with love, gazed with a lonesome bird
At a single hill that no man could see - 

Born, just at the end of summer’s run
Lived in the time of Individual’s rule
Overlooking the tower of self obsessive pine
Hames transcended the will of her time.

Humanity, Hames cuddled not gold
Rode the frenzied depths of hatred to unfold the caterpillars shell
Freeing him from death’s canopy,  to life lived under the rainbow’s guide
Little children rise, under Hames, emancipating their bottled dream.

Hames, her life my pen can only dim to tell
Before my brown aged golden eyes, her frame still remains as it was at first
Lovely and soothing, engaging my heart that only one’s existence could convey
I wish you met Hames like me, Katy, the communal rose who loved Her Christ.



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