Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Miscellanies 53 - Be a friend like Jesus

O that we may bear from one another what Jesus daily bears from us- when He knocks, do we not often ignore the sound. We say, Jesus, we are too busy, come back another day when I have a lack of bread and I am in need of your provisions. O how wretchedly we treat our saviour when we forget that Christ wants to share in our blessings, to see what we do with his provisions and for him to help us in our activities when all is well. O what a friend Christ is that daily he comes by and knocks at our closed door when He knows that we ignore him, and being sure of our presence in the house, He is not offended by this villainy rejection but comes by the next day. He still loves us when we treat him thus. Though for good we render ill, He calls us friends still. Peter was still his friend after denial and David was still forgiven after murder.

My saints, who are those friends who treat you as to only use you? Who are those friends who are not so advance in the zeal that you have for them - who are those many friends who ignore your call and would only consider you when they are in need? Their goodness they will not share with you but their cares they are ready to cast upon you because you have the means to take it from them. These are friends that receive but have no daylight thought about the giver . These friends, yes these very friends of yours who are perhaps unworthy of such a title, you are to account them brothers and sisters as Christ still considers you a brother and in one moment Christ will descend on you with showers of grace if you would only ask him.

O for grace that our hearts be softened - teach us Lord Jesus at length to love like you that we may remember what a friend we have above and do all we can to be a friend like him.


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