Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mr Hasley's unacceptable dinner practice

The dinner theme of acceptable practices has risen to prominence in the Hasley’s household of dinner discussion. This, of course did not happen overnight, but is the fruit of countless discussion in the last ten days. While acceptable practices has been discussed before and explored at various other times in the history of the Hasley’s household, the volume and intensity of the current discussion became significantly heightened in the past few days. Among the issues that preoccupied the Hasley’s inquiry is the conceptual background of Mr Hasley’s awkward practices when guest were present. As this embarrassment rose to prominence it became increasingly important to understand why Mr Hasley behaved insensitively and how it related to the indignity of the entire family. It is important to understand the curve of Mr Hasley’s thoughts regarding to his unacceptable practices and what factors led to his current demeanour.

Uncle Ted acknowledges that it was Fredrick Alkman who first introduced Mr Hasley to this absurd unwanted practices at the dinner table. Uncle Ted described these practices as vulgar when he first witnessed such barbaric informality that it almost caused him to have a heart attack. Such was the shock and embarassment that at once Uncle Ted stood to apologize to poor Martha who witnessed such grotesque ludicrousness from Fredrick Alkman. Mr Hasley possessed a different view of the matter; He embraced it and welcomed it like the poor Africans who welcomed the Europeans believing that the Europeans were there to serve the prosperity of their nation. For Mr Hasley, Fredrick devilish ways was not in the first instance about the reaction it propelled on the guests but rather the personal enjoyment and satisfaction one got from it. Mr Hasley regarded this act as taking its place among the greatest act of old imparting on him such inspiration and fondness that My Hasley asserted in himself with a lively oath to imitate Fredrick’s ways.


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