Miscellanies 52 - When I am away from Christ

When I am away from Christ life has lost her colours - she has become dull, tasteless, meaningless as vanity, 

passionless like empathy and grim as death. But many without Christ (unbelievers) have no such experience 

of Christ as they too are currently away from him. Why is this - it is because they have never felt his 

distinguishing love, they have never known his touch, they have never been in his light. If they had such an 

experience then their current life, yea existence, would be but darkness. Their current enjoyments would be 

but sadness; what they portray as happiness would be but despair. What they feel as worth would have no 

value at all; what they treasure, that is, what they run after, seek and work for with all of their energy, they 

would consider as dung, as the pig’s refuse. When I am away from Christ, life has lost her colours but when 

I am with him, as near as to almost touch his chest like the beloved disciple then life is once again decorated 

with all of her colours and happiness.



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