Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I do see God's hand in everything

I do see God's hand in everything. The old divines put such a matter under God's providence. There is not a thing which occurs that God had no hands in it. He is in every detail, in fact he weaves it all together for the good of his awesome glory, yet sins not, and grants liberality to the creatures as justice and his love demands it.

Now sometime ago, on the 24th of December 2013, I decided to go and cut my hair for it was rather messy and unkempt. Ony my way to the barbers, I bought Ola Ola pounded yam and placed it in a blue carrier bag. I sat down at the barbers now waiting to cut my hair, but besides me sat a boy who clearly had a disability. I shunned him not, although at first when he placed his hands on me, I moved away as to find it a repulsive thing. Perhaps I did shun him, but afterwards I allowed the boy to rest on me.

Now, it was my turn to cut my hair. I hanged up my jacket and placed my blue carrier bag on the chair. After my hair cut for which I paid double to the barber because he spent almost half an hour on my hair and only ten minutes on the previous customer.

I thanked the barber, put on my jacket as to leave and in almost exiting the door, I remembered my blue carrier bag. To my surprise it was gone. I related this information to the barber and he reinburst me at once. And just before I had finished cutting my hair, the barber had given me his number just in case I needed an haircut for next time. Then I went to buy another Ola Ola pounded yam and took my train home.

Now, as I sat happy and pensive on the southeastern train, I remembered that inside that blue carrier bag which was taken, I had left my beloved headphones and mp3 player. Now, I marevelled how it was a marvellous thing that I took the oportunity to take the barber's number, otherwise my headphones and mp3 would have been lost to the wind, for I was travelling on the very next day for six weeks.

What was also interesting was that the barber had asked me whether I had anything of value inside the taken blue bag. I replied, no. Memory failed me then but returned to me on the train. I called the barber and he promised to keep it safe for me on my return. He kept his words. 

Finally I got home and reflected upon all this, on that comfortable chair where men empty their internal waste marvelling at the wonder of God's providence. If I had never sat next to that boy, If I never took the barber's number, If I never paid the barber double, then perhaps little sympathy would have been shown me. And even though I cannot now travel with my mp3, for I had no other headphones, but I really wanted to travel with my mp3, I thought that perhaps this was a blessing, but certainly I knew that it was surely for my good, for God works in all things for the goodness of all those who love him. Now I cannot say I love God amazingly, nay, my love is full of all kinds of poverty, but it is love still, though very immature.

In all this I did see God's omnipotent hand, guiding my daily events according to his Sovereign will. Some cannot accept this, fret not. I am content for you to believe in God's absolute goodness even if you cannot reconcile it with his absolute sovereignty.


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