Monday, 22 September 2014

I knew a sad boy - Lost love

I knew a sad boy who unleashed some very sad words in verses on me. He bid me read and see his heart, how it breaks never to mend.

Now I know how Romeo felt
When his lover perceived her dead,
To die was better to live,
Sooner or later the anguish
Would his feelings kill to stone,
And live as if a dead man breathed
Passionless talk, thrill-less eyes
Better to poison oneself right now.

Some in marriage their walk does sing
And others for years enjoy their tune,
But mine quickly end,
where I wished forever and us would be friends.

O such feeling in my heart.
That my beloved has depart,
Forever I fear the dart of love
Hitting me to love again,
For doubt and fear shall reign in me
Reminding me of my beloveds leave.

O God once again I fail
This theme has now become my theme,
In darkness hide, my secrets keep
I never could with another live so deep,
And here I thought a ray of hope,
But wrong, spectacularly I fail again.

O invested time I wish to take,
To be Absent on that first night,
Where we made, sweet love
In kisses bright,
I wish I had never seen that light,
Then my heart wont be aching tight.

My first first love,
I wished would be my last last dove,
Now by Jove swore,
An eunuch to the last.
When my first first love
Another found strong,
Finding me weak,
Ticking our time done.

O for heaven to shine in me
But heaven forsaken by deeds I did,
That now forsaken, heart breaking, un-mending,
Heaven cannot shine,
The ache knows no decline.

It is true that one is blind to what they truly have till they have lost it. Now I in sorrow sit, weeping deep in my soul, never to love again, only to have it go to yonder hills, feeling dread inside. But only I to blame, when in full passion should have esteemed what I felt deep in my soul, and dare I not ask, not know, if it was because of another's drum that took her away, but God in his plans does know, that a heart broken will in the end bring forth a golden sunshine on my character, to care and have patience more.

I saw the tears in her eyes, like heavy clouds about to unleash a thunderstorm upon my anxious frail head. The feeling for long as overwhelmed her, that she no longer could bear the heavy waters beating on her banks. For me, no longer pity could keep at the expense of happiness, that I a must, must wound or perhaps kill, a price she is now for her joy willing to pay.  


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