Where is the blood you bring to enter heaven's most holy place?

“Where is the blood you bring to enter heaven's most holy place?” asked the devil. “For under the covenant, the high priest must never enter without blood. Where is your sacrifice, knowing that the blood of goats and sheep could never suffice for the heavenly sanctuary. Such sacrifices are indeed sufficient for man made tabernacles, but it is not sufficient for the real thing here in heaven. Have you not read the documents on these things Oh man. And you O God, whom I hate, will you not now banish him like me? Will you not send him into the outer darkness, or are you a breaker of your own immutable laws, making you yourself and offender. If it is the case, then you ought to banish yourself into hell, and all your heavenly hosts too; allowing my demons to make a hell out of your heaven.”

All the host of heaven watched as the devil spoke in this trial of mine. They all watched from a distance, but their eyes and ears were such that it was as if they were right in front of me.

I was silent for a little while, and watched the devil's pride grow with great satisfaction. Then the Father, that king of hosts looked upon me and said, 'Son of man, have you no defence to make?'

“My Beloved God and father,” I replied, “To speak in front of you humbles me. But since you have asked me a question, I shall proceed to answer my cause.

“Devil, you fiends of fiends, have you heaven's documents not read. Do you not know that it is very boldly written that only one kind of blood is sufficient to make me stand in this court and live eternally by his glorious side. Something which you have forfieted never to enjoy again. Have you not understood the events of the past forty days? Have you no attention paid, that by his blood, that is the blood of the lamb slained on the cross that I am justified here. Look at his hands and feet, and now look closely on my head. I have been marked by his blood. Yea by the blood whom you thought you crucified to your victory. You crucified yourself! But I see that you have not marked yourself with his blood. What is your justification? I am under the new covenant.”

“New covenanat!" exclamied the devil. "What new doctrine is this?” asked the devil. 
“If it be true, then ruined I be."

A simple nod in agreement from the Father on all that I said angered the devil to tear his garments.

The Father then gave the order that the devil is henceforth declined in heaven's court from making accusations in this most holy place against those who have the blood of his one and only Son on their heads, yea, all that have been sprinkled with the blood of his beloved.

The devil then descended to earth, going all about the world, to destroy the saints and to diminish their influence, for he had no more case against them in the courts of heaven. 



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