Prophet of woe and woo

Prophet of woe

Once a lovely lady
Now reveals her skirt
To every nation.

No longer knows
How to blush,
Decency has escaped
From her.

That tower of refuge
Where freedom dwelt
And righteousness reigned -

Has now been captured
By morality's foes,
Which end by Yahweh

Personally descends,
Raining a torrent
Of destruction
Upon her tiny lofty head.

Prophet of woo

Your bright blue land
Does shine -

Dandelions and lilies
Does arise
To sing thy praise,

Through whom
Freedom unleashed,

Spreading justice
To savages reach,

Granting them grace
To know the poet's flute.

Savages did dance
Understand shone alight
Making them men
Born-again to nature's delight.



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