Monday, 26 April 2010


The doctrine of Election may be a hard doctrine for many people to accept but this doctrine is clearly taught in the scripture. When we approach the doctrine of election, we should do it in great humility and kill of any pride that may tempt us to think that God chose me because there was something in me and not in the other. In fact God chose you because of His sovereign choice according to His glorious purpose and He chose you in love. God didn’t see anything in you to love or anything that was special from the rest, but because He chose to have mercy on you and He did it in love. This should give us a deep humility and great comfort in our salvation. This doctrine was and is meant to comfort believers and to be a great motive for evangelism. For we can be confidence that there will be some of God’s children in places that are yet unreached so therefore we should make it our aim to reach those people. God does everything for the praise of his glory and to those who are elect, they are elected to the praise of his glorious grace. This doctrine is sweet and we should not shy away from it, but preach it and be confident with it.


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