Friday, 30 April 2010

Joy in poverty, sickness and failure

Many people have a small view of God, a limited view of what God can do. Dangerously, people have a limited God as the God who only bring success, wealth and health. The God who does all things for my earthly comfort and anything else that doesn't fit into those three categories they would immediately and automatically say that it is not of God's doing. Those that think such ways are defitnetly not talking about the God of the bible because He is not limited. The same God who gives health weath and success is the same God who inflicts sickness,poverty and thwarts your plans. If you don't believe me Isaiah 45:7 says
'I form the light and create darkness,I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things. God is by no means limited and we ought to exalt in this because when we have such a view of God, that when sickness comes we know that this is for our good. (It doesn't mean that we shouldn't pray for healing but regardless of what happens we know that God is in control). When we fail we won't be dismayed and be tempted to commit suicide, (but we are to reflect on our actions and decisions and not just have an apathetic and fatalistic attitude). When we live in poverty, we will be content and rejoice in God our Saviour. The God who works the miraculous is also the same God who works in the ordinary. God does whatever He pleases and we can't dictate his ways. So when i get cancer or something bad happens to a family member, though i feel the pain and may not understand why, i can confidently say that God is working all things for my good. I know my destination and i know my eternal dweling place. This stage is but for a moment, though it may be barren and yields no fruit yet I will rejoice in God for I know that there is prepared for me a garden with a large mansion where the stream of life flows and the vines are filled with grapes. So in sickness I will rejoice, in poverty I will thank Him, in failure I will delight in His success. Though the battle is hard and the road rough, we have to remember that we are guided by a shepherd and the shephered guides his sheep with a rod. God loves us and keeps us but the road is not smooth as some would have it to be; what then shall separate us from the Love of God or what can separate us from the shephered, shall poeverty, sickness and failure? And though your heart may be heavy like Job because of your afflictions, think ahead to that day when you will be at the saviour's side and there you may converse with him and ask him, 'My sweet Lord, why did you let that sickness befall me and let my heart be heavy'? the sweet Lord shall look at you with a smile, stare into your eyes and say thus 'it was all for your good'. 'Are you not now safely home? Are you not now forever happy? Am I not the good Shepherd?'. I believe we all know the answers to those questions and will not your heart be delighted. God is Love and He guides His children; so let us submit to Him and remove anything that easily entangles us, for the road we walk, though it is rough and at times barren, though we may not see the sun for a while, though we may feel deserted and feel the curse of death, there is Joy throughout for those who trusts and give their souls to God for as they walk they shall sing and rejoice though they be battered, their souls shall be merry and their hearts glad for they hold on to that unwavering hope of the Love of God and the shepherding of Christ.


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