Monday, 19 April 2010

Serving at NWA 2010

New Word Alive 2010 was amazing. A week spent with God's people was truly delightful. Love and righteousness filled the air and one could taste the joy that will run rampant in the new heavens and the new earth. Thank you Jesus that you left the clear waters of heaven to come to this muddy sea, to sprinkle it and cleanse it by your death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.

Though I was a steward and didn't get the opportunity to go to the talks I wanted to go to, yet I felt so much joy and peace and the Lord taught and showed me the joy in serving others. I loved the people I was working with and as the week went by instead of becoming more tired, my strength was being renewed.

Indeed, Jesus came to serve and give his life as a ransom for many and my prayer is that I can continue to serve people with the fullness of heart, knowing that I do it for my Lord and not for any earthly reward. Though it may be hard at times, we have a God who is great and willing to serve us for He knows that we are dust.


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