Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Word Alive

Tomorrow morning I make my way to Pwelli, Wales for the New Word Alive conference(NWA). I am indeed very excited about it as I have never been before especially to such a large conference expecting up to 4000 people. That's a lot of people and I expect the place to be packed especially the halls where the meetings will be taking place.

My journey begins at 6am, waking up and getting ready to catch my bus to parkway station and from there to Bathspa station where a lovely kind girl has offered me a lift there, otherwise I would be catching the 625am train all the way which roughly takes about 6 hours so I am very grateful for that. I'm taking with me a couple of books and those that are actually related to what I'm studying but will also be taking pride and prejudice and faith and philosophy which I'm currently reading. I thought it good to read the pride and prejudice as it only cost me 20pence and I like the way she writes. Anyway, hopefully the trip to Wales will be fun and maybe engage in some good conversation in the car and talk about religion which is my joy to talk about.

The conference actually doesn't start till Tuesday but since I'm a steward and their should be 80 of us, I have to be there a day early. we will be put into groups of about 7-20 people so looking forward to see those ill be working with. I guess one of the disadvantages of being a steward is that you might miss the live talks and seminars but we do get the CD talks for free. This is a great way to serve and though jobs like these is not particularly to my taste or my liking, I will endeavour to do my best and serve the people for the sake of Christ. I aim to do it with a cheerful smile in the hope that I may encourage others and be a light to those in the dark for I know the anguish of a troubled soul and the weary burden of loneliness.

Speakers such as Wayne Grudem,Jerry Bridges, Hugh Palmer and Rebecca Manley-Pippert are speaking and should prove exciting. Stuart Townsend is the worship leader and some rate him the best in our times.

I hope this may be a fruitful time for everyone who comes and that many may be encouraged in their faith. i pray its a fruitful time for me too, as I continue to work out my salvation in fear and trembling and sorting out the deep issues of my heart.

God bless you all

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