I shall not want

Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD; blessed are the people whose shepherd is Christ. They shall never lack, they shall never want for he will lead them into the paths of righteousness, he shall sit them on green pastures, he will carry them through the rocky terrains and none of them shall perish. He sits with them at noon in the shade and before the sun sets he washes the dirt of their wool. He is the shepherd of their soul, the captain of their ship and every day he never fails to pray for each one. 

He has his rod and staff to comfort them, his manner is gentle and meek. He overflows their cups and anoints their head with oil. His sheep never lack for a good shepherd he is, the very best, trained by His Father of whom none is greater.

My dear friend, Christ is your shepherd, you have no reason to want. Do you believe he is ahead of you, guiding you and leading you to green pastures? Before you get there my friend, it is necessary to walk through the hills and rough grounds; it is necessary for him to walk you up the high mountains and expose you to the dangers of the wild. The path is not easy but hard, the path is not smooth but narrow. It does not lead to death but to life; it is marked with trials and hardship but there is enough strength to see you through. Your friends will leave you, your family desert you but Christ your shepherd will never forsake you. Are you sad because of your loneliness? Fear not; for many are they who have become your friends, brothers, sisters, Fathers, Mothers and children. They are all on this path on which you walk. Only persevere through your current trials and soon you will see the foolishness of your doubts. With Christ you shall never want, you shall never lack; so settle with your soul, tell your soul to stop its seeking of other treasures whose end is vanity. Speak to it to stop the wants of the fleeting treasures of this life. What is it that your soul is aching for? If it is not Christ then you must depart with it, you must throw it to the flames, you must feed it to the dogs, you must spread it on the ground like crumbs that the birds may feed on it. Leave it to rot and desire only Christ, desire His kingdom and righteousness, desire his glory and pray to him to help you desire his goals. He is a kind shepherd and knows of your struggles, He is flesh and blood like you and think him not a stranger to your trials and temptations, He is your shepherd.  Say now to your soul, Christ is my shepherd I shall not want. 



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