Miscellanies 20 - Whatever he spoke came to pass

Here in genesis 1 we see that whatever God spoke was whatever came to pass. Who else demonstrated this divine attribute? Jesus Christ - for he spoke and it came to pass. Whenever he decreed a thing even  the thing itself however unwilling it may be in and of itself cannot resist his decree but finds itself to obey and come forth. God spoke this whole creation into being and He can also speak it out of existence. You see my friend, God only needs to speak and whatever he decrees will come to pass. Here is God’s eternal sovereignty over all things which exist. If the eternal has spoken into existence the finite then how silly it is that the finite should think that it can hinder any decree of God? It is impossible and so we see with Christ when He raised Lazarus from the dead. Such authority and power as was displayed without measure in the Son of God at times I must say with great caution is to be found with us but only in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Peter and John healed the beggar in the name of Christ and in his authority for all authority has been given to Christ. We do not have that divine prerogative in and of ourselves to decree a thing into existence. Some in their misreading of scripture have endeavoured to lay hold of this claim but their interpretations are misguided. All of our authority are derived from Jesus Christ our saviour.



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