Rene and Poet 12

Poet: Oh you caught me wandering again, you caught me musings in the midst of the early sunshine where I do dream so happily of my beloved. Oh Rene you are ever so sly that you creep up on me in my happiest hours.  I was in a very friendly atmosphere of a lively vivacity which her presence created. I was lost in wonder and awe amidst Eden where both of us did lie and play. Angels attended immediately to our desires providing heavenly nourishment of the godliest taste. Then you came and interrupted my joy, but your fragrance awakened me for it smelt like that aroma which were balm on the body of Christ. 

Oh Rene let me not fear a fear lest it comes upon me. I do not have the art of concealing from you my most intimate thoughts and dispositions but this fear I dread not fall upon me. I would happily die with this love in my heart and rest in peace if I could only enter that garden for which my heart longs. To rest upon those soft nourishing green pastures and play as a child.  

Rene: My light, Few men have been blessed with worthier and better friends than it has been my portion to be blessed with you. You are to me better than the choicest wine and your company I desire, for in it I lack nothing. 

Both boys then began to converse about their ambitions and what they hope to be.



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