Sunday, 16 October 2011

Devotion weekend away

This weekend was the youth weekend away at my church and two of us doing a foundations year at the church went along. Our primary role was to be helpers in the kitchen and on Sunday afternoon we were responsible for lunch. A big responsibility indeed and we did a very reasonable job of which I am well pleased.

It was a pleasure to meet many young people and to have a chance to be friends with them. I hope they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs.

Matt was the weekend speaker and spoke on choices. I heard two of the talks and overall very relevant to the kids and adults. Freedom of the will by Jonathan Edwards came to my mind and the whole issue of our inclinations and dispositions and being dead in sin.The kids responded well as Matt used his own life as an example of choices he made and pressed it into the young people that choices matter. Jesus is the best choice of all.

On the Saturday evening we all gathered around a big fire outside where the sparks from the flames were flying heavenwards. Some were standing while others were sitting each enjoying a hot-dog and drinking hot chocolate. In this calmness and togetherness I gathered a few young people and helpers if we could put together a poem and in gladness they met my wishes. This is what we wrote:

                              Fire Fire
                        Oh So Bright
                In the darkness of the night
                    I see your Sparks 
                       Flying up high
                       Up into the 
                       Starry night Sky

Another one:

                                               When the fire simmers down
                                           Smoke will Start to join the clouds
                                           Then the moon and sun will dance
                                       Because Devo is under a heavy trance!

Another one:

Ken is like a fire in my heart
Laura is like a moon shining bright
Emma is the Sunshine that makes us all Smile
And Beth's like a Butterfly that brings new Life

The weekend away was fantastic and I pray that these young kids will continue to hold on to Jesus no matter how good or how difficult it gets for them. For some it may be a rocky path of sin and for others a smooth path of great achievements. Only let them hold on to Christ their rock.


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