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Book Review: Another Man's war

Another Man's War: The True Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the SudanDeath hides in the tall grass of South Sudan. What looks like an empty landscape can explode at any moment is the constant environment Sam Childers finds himself in when He is away from his own family to fight another man’s war in a country not his own. Another man’s war is Childers way of explaining his life mission of what God has called him into, luring him away from his chaotic background. Another Man’s war is a thrilling read which documents Childers exciting dark past to his exciting life-giving action packed present, which he aims to protect and provide for orphanage kids who have been victims of  Joseph Kony’s Lord Resistance Army.

Childers believes in fighting back and understands some people will say “I don’t believe Jesus would fight”. Childers agrees and responds by saying “He probably wouldn’t. He turned water into wine. He’d handled it some other way. I’m no theologian but I know what I know. The fighting we’ve done in Sudan and Uganda has produced an oasis of peace and safety in a very dangerous part of the world. If you were to visit there today you could see it for yourself” p115.

One aim of this book is to raise awareness for his work and he comments on the uselessness of some of the rich organizations to go to the difficult places: “What I want to know is why its easy for a big organization to get millions of dollars through the system, only to end up afraid to deliver the goods, while an organization like mine that is not afraid of war and is willing to go over and beyond to save lives has to struggle so hard with only what we raise ourselves” p71. Sam Childers and his crew of soldiers constantly travel to the dangerous areas in order to supply aid to those whom NGO workers are scared to visit because of ambushes.

Sam Childers is here to fight another mans war, fighting for children and innocent victims who couldn’t fight for themselves, and staying the course until the war was over. His African operation has rescued more than 900 refugees of all ages and in time Childers got involved in a real war between African governments, between lawlessness and right, evil butchery and compassion, brutally brainwashed soldiers and helpless, innocent children. Childers provides a safe house (orphanage) for these children and besides feeding the children and the workers they feed anyone in the neighbourhood who comes at meal time, which adds to about 1500 meals a day.

Sam Childers believes that he is fighting for the children and families God sent him to protect. Fighting for the right than nothing more for them to live in peace, worship in freedom, and wake up in the morning knowing that they’l be alive and safe at the end of it.

Sam Childers also encourages his readers whenever they can to steer the conversation towards people and humanitarian aid rather than worry about oil and relationship with China which seems to concern our governments more than genocide.

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