Thursday, 2 February 2012

Short poems

I need I for inspiration
Initiation and imagination put another I 
Make it an ignition.
In-saturated constantly imitated 
Infiltrating now the infiltrated.
Call it a scene spectators speculating
Calculating schemes my enemies all eradicated.

                                                                  It seems baby whenever I am home with you
                               You make me feel like I’m whole again
Something seems to happen that ain’t static
                                         Far from being tragic the opposite of reality
Its magic albeit pretty astonishing 
Rushing like water, flushing, constantly blushing.
Washing away formalities tenderly inspiring
                                        A love song thrillingly makes me ecstatic.

Yea we on this again
Like tomorrow aint coming around
Drum beats sound the trumpets
Like  it’s the end of time
Everybody wanna shine
Take mine 
Smash the shrines
Make a line 
Cuz tomorrow aint coming round


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