Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Miscellanies 29 - This very year you may die

Thus says the LORD:  'Behold, I will remove you from the face of the earth. This year you shall die, because you have uttered rebellion against the LORD.'" Jeremiah 28:16

This year my friends, you may die - any one of us may be found prey to deaths hammer and cut of from the pleasures of life. Everything you have ever known to be good will all of a sudden be ripped away from you. You shall bid your eternal farewell to it all. Dancing, games, TV, Family, friends, food and drinks will all be stripped away from you. If you die still lingering in your sins, all of the prospect that the pleasures of all this world thrust will be denied you. No more shall you ever dance with pleasure or have a drop of sweetness. No more shall the light shine upon you, because whilst here on earth it does not shine on you willingly but the creator has subjected it to shine on you.  In heaven having been set free from its bondage, Light will turn away from you for he has no part with those who rebel against their creator.

Cut off you may be this year, young and old - you know not what tomorrow brings. Your youthful energy will be drained and your oldness will not be renewed. What awaits you tomorrow or this year may be that drop into that fix gulf where misery reigns forever - hope forever lost and love no where to be found. This year you may die, and if you die without Christ, you will live without him. The source of all joy and pleasure will forsake you, he will reject you as you have rejected him here. There you will plead, beg and cry, even having a love for your family and friends wanting to come back to be the most eager of evangelist to warn them of the sorrow to come - but it will be to late. By then death is forever your portion, you lingered in sin like Lot’s wife and desired its fruit. There you will receive received its wages. And God, the Father of all mercies will have no more mercy left for you - whilst here his mercies are renewed every morning but there in that abyss His wrath is renewed every hour.

O sinner unclench your grip and release your sin, the devil cannot damn you, only your sins are at this moment sending you to hell. But Christ was crucified to take away its effect. Believe and surrender, put down the weapon of your rebellion. Harden not your heart, surrender your will, surrender your will and like a man forfeit your rights and live by His. O dear sinner I am not one to preach you a jellyfish Christianity, to bring you a jellyfish message and to bring you a jellyfish security.

I know that there are some of you sitting in the pews, listening ever so attentive to this sermon for long years and you have never known Christ. You are still an alien to his kingdom, a foreigner and a gentile. You have the marks of religion but you deny its power. You have confused morality with the Holy Spirit. You have confused regeneration for moral improvements. O I fear for you - if you have not been born again, If the Holy Spirit has not quickened your heart, if you have not faith like a little child, I fear for you. This year you may die and there there will be no sympathising friends, no pastor to comfort your soul, no more evangelist to declare to you the gospel, no more hope for glory, no more opportunities to repent, no more no more but what awaits you is everlasting torments at the hands of an Holy omnipotent God whose glory and honour you have trampled upon, whose love you have declined, and whose Son who shed his blood for you, you have spat upon. O then there will be nothing for you - darkness will be your portion - This year you may die, give him your life today, surrender and trust in His salvation.


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