Thursday, 23 February 2012

Miscellanies 30 - Seek to be like Jesus rather than to be like the world

It is true my friend that many would rather gain the world than to follow Jesus. This is evidence because many will rather chase and be like those who are rich and powerful than to be like the meek saviour who gave his back to be whipped when he could have prevailed against them with a single word; he willingly died for vile hypocrites and murderers when he himself did no wrong. Ask your fellow citizens or even ask yourself the solemn question, what and whom am I truly chasing and seeking? What arouses my jealousy? Is it seeing the rich and famous with all of their money, glamour and fame or is it seeing Jesus in his holiness and meekness wishing that I could be like him? Rarely is it found in my generation old and young that their true delight is to be like Jesus, even among those who call themselves Christians. The latter group may pay it lip service but their hearts is as far from the desire as the east is from the west. It is a travesty, a human tragedy that ought to cause every man and child to repent of their grotesque ways. Yes there are those whom the Holy Ghost has so inspired that all of their revenues and profit seeking are all to be found in Jesus Christ. He has become now their goal and prize so with all the energy they can muster they strive after him like that apostle who considered everything as loss in order to gain the resurrected saviour. Imagine if we should forsake our yearnings for the rich, famous and powerful and trade our weak desires for a stronger eternal passion to be like Jesus Christ. How much more shall love towards a neighbour extend, how much more will selfishness be found in the graveyards extinguished from the land of the living, how much more will society be painted with the loving stroke of justice and kindness and how much more will that queen of graces humility be found in the hearts of men? Love shall flourish like the grass of the earth and sin shall be hidden like the day hides the night. O my fellow citizens especially those who are sure that they are from the house of faith, let us seek to be like Jesus and not desire weak appetites for fleeting unsatisfying pleasures which leads to death and hell.


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