The reality of the flames of hell

Praying earnestly today, I prayed that the lord may open our eyes once again to the reality of the eternal flames of hell, that he might awaken the church from its slumber from the wrath of God and tremble once again at that cup of which our Lord prayed may pass from him. For we have become dull of the awful things of eternity and have succumbed to the niceties of the eternal mansion and in doing so have forgotten the earnestness of the believers of old, who through fire and nails penetrated the places in which they would be persecuted with the message of hope and salvation. It is a sad thing that our eyes although can pierce through the depths of space remains in the material and have forgotten or rather neglected the vital spiritual need of our perishing neighbours. Oh I pray that the reality of hell may once again terrify our hearts that as well as taking cups of water we may also take with us that eternal God-man who died on that cross to save and satisfy the eternal thirst of man and put aside the wrath of a Loving Holy God. 



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