Thursday, 19 August 2010

Please remember me

He wondered why she remembered him not
Answering back none of his calls
Was it for wrong that he had done
Was it because she’s had enough.
Sleep evaded his thinking mind
Worry eroded his peace at night.
For such a care he thought of her
For such a dear tender heart.
Often he ramped his memories apart
Perhaps a time may come to him
When a silly thing he had done to she
All was vain but all was pain
For himself he could but blame!
Could he see her face again
Humility would fill his ways.
A gift in his bag he would bring
A peace offering for offending thee.
But nigh; yet, she remained afar
One night he wished away their time
For friends they were, friends they are
Friends then go with no goodbye!

This person is bewildered to why a friend will not answer them back and because of their friend’s character which is inconsistent to their behaviour now, he could but blame himself that he had wronged his friend in some way.  But his friend replied to none of his calls and its obvious that is friend is avoiding him for a reason. And because of his worrying nature he could but remained worried. But time went on and on and he couldn’t hold on much longer so he stopped but yet waited and hoped that perhaps one day, his friend may remember him once again.


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