Home thus far

For the past week I have been at home and what a joy it as been but also at the same time there isn’t much to do until recently when I had to help my cousin move to her new two bedroom apartment. I love my family and love the time I have with them and I am constantly amazed at the generosity and love I am showered with. I barely do anything and there is much to eat and drink whether in takeaway or dining out. I sit for the most part of it on the dining table, on my failing laptop and play football manager, serve the web and dwell on face book. I keep my eyes partly on the fifty inch screen and from time to time play with my little cousins whom I love with all my soul. But more importantly, I had wished to spend more time on the word of God and in prayer of which I did a little but saddened that I had not maximise my time to full effect.

Nevertheless it is with Joy to say that I am currently reading a book titled, ‘how to read the bible for all its worth’, and would wish for all Christians to read it especially those who teach the word in any context whatsoever. I have been praying for people that I had said I was praying for them but I wish I may increase in this area of my life. For me it is good to reminding myself constantly of the gospel because my nature is rightly divert back to the law and thinking that God must be happy or unhappy with me according to my efforts but when I think in this way I am constantly unhappy. So, I am thankful for the gospel and more importantly the power of it that God has amazingly filled me with this week to overpower any desires or temptations. Though at times I see the depths of motives and the impurity of them that leaves me in despair and hatred for the remaining corrupted seed that remains. But, I rejoice that in that day, I will be made like him and my impurities will fade and I will be perfect like he is perfect. Although at times I find it hard to believe but because I have tasted of his cleansing power of purification that I am certain that it is indeed possible.

Now I do aim to commit to memory the whole epistle to the Romans but it will be hard and difficult, perhaps unfinished but I do hope that I may endure in this particular task to the glory of God, for the edifying of the brethrens and the nourishment of my own soul.



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