Saturday, 28 August 2010

Serving others

I have been deeply convinced by the observation of others that truly i lack a heart of generosity and hospitality. Its not that i don't give to others, that I do and its not that i don't show hospitality, that i also do. But in doing these things, I seek my gain first and then i seek others whereas it should be the other way round for that is the way of the kingdom. for example, if i have £5 i seek to spend first on me rather than spending it on others and then spend the remaining on me. Another example that follows from this is, if i was in a pub and i only have money to buy one drink, i would normally spend it for myself rather than serving my brethren and serving them with generosity. So, i've made it my aim, the gospel as my motivation to cultivate a heart of hospitality and generosity which seeks to serve others first before my wants. I believe that doing this though unseen will be to my reward and to the benefit of others and ultimately to the glory of God. So, I pray that the Spirit may help me and remember me when i forget for I am truly unworthy.


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