The Rumour

The coldness of the blackness ahead laid deep within his bitter eyes; for the unprecedented rumour had collapsed unexpectedly upon him, leaving him to walk with a swagger of uncertainty and unparalleled despair. He was now ten minutes away and the roughness of the wind could not awaken him to the brutal rain that fell upon his uncovered head. The sun covered by the greyness of the dead sky yielded no path of facile trifles which besotted his dejected mind; but he walked and continued till his eyes lifted from the fixed trajectory of anxious conversation to the blue bell that stood motionless and dead. His shaken hands found courage to lift itself to press the motionless blue bell and in an instant the black maid dressed in her usual attire received him with a heart-rending welcome that now confirmed the truthfulness of the rumour.
“Where is she”.
“In the room my Lord”, she affectionately cried……



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