Good to be back

Its been almost three months since I came back home and what a joy it is to be back. I ponder to myself that, why don’t I make coming back home a regular occurrence since I enjoy the company of my dear family very much. The only answer I could think of was of my busyness and expenses. Nevertheless coming back home on Saturday allowed me to see my cousins that I hadn’t seen in years and it was a joyous occasion as one of my cousins turned one.

On Sunday after church we went out for a family meal and the food was delicious. Table talk was good and I took the opportunity to ask my cousin to take some pictures. Though the bill was rather expensive and the drinks ridiculously overcharged, yet the restaurant was nicely decorated and the chairs comfortable. Later that evening, I was taking to watch the Inception and we thought that on a Sunday night the cinema would be almost barren but to our surprise it overflowed with dating teens and packs of cheerful families coming to watch the same film we wanted to eagerly watch. Well I wasn’t so eager but curious. Many had raised a high alarm for the awesomeness and complexity of the film that I thought it beneficial to also see what all the commotion was all about. Inception was rather good and the story line was excellent. Though it is highly unrealistic yet some parts are realistic and indeed many are living in a dream world and shut themselves out of the pr sent reality in order to numb guilt or to get away from the sheer despair of human existence without God.

Then was finally home and discussed the film a while and read a bit of the book I am currently reading and then decided that it was time for an early night.

Throughout all these events, my soul feels not the peace and comfort that I am so accustomed too and I know why. Torn by things which I ought not to be but I know that it is of the devil to attack me and I am not unaware of his devices. I grow saddened by the uncaring nature of many and the evilness that prevails our fallen world. I see the love for the world but not a love for Christ and I notice the hypocriticy of the soul and that within my own too.



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