Wednesday, 25 August 2010

From my youth

It is true to say from the bottom of my heart that from an early age, I have indeed had a fascination with the bible and to the reading of it. As a young child I would learn the beatitudes and quote them to my brothers and friends and they would use it against me in a joking way. For example they would purposefully slap me and thus I would have to turn the other cheek. Nonetheless it was a joy to have a bible in my hand to learn. Now that I’m older, not much has changed  except my understanding as increased and a great deal of sanctification has occurred in my heart of which I thank my Lord for. There are still sins in my heart, those principles of hell which I abhor but my prayer is of constant to be free of them. Memorizing scripture has been sweet to me but the difficulty is in starting. I love to learn the word but I feel that lately I have let many things distract me and let those things take precedent above his kingdom and his righteousness. I am not unaware of the devils schemes and practices and his solemn determination to separate me from the devouring of the word. So I press on, forgetting what is behind, taking hold of Christ for he has already taken hold of me.


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