First and second year experiences at University

I wrote this I believe in my first year at university:

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you don't want to stop praying, you just want to continue. There is so much joy and peace, your body feels free, free from sin and free to love. Oh how I love to come to thee my heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you oh Lord of my righteousness, I love your presence. Prayer is not boring, but it is exciting, if you ever think that prayer is boring it is my friend a lie from the devil. Prayer is peaceful and full of joy - secret prayer is even more comforting. You who have not yet tasted the goodness of the Lord in prayer, discipline your body to partake in such wonderful delight, in such a privilege. Start with a few hymns, a few song and open your mouth - pray aloud, pray quietly, pray with the psalms and rejoice exceedingly in the Lord, rejoice.



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