To take my guilt

I deserve no happiness my friend!
Let me suffer and die in my misery;
I am laden with a burden heavier than me
I am filled with an alien guilt of which I know I am to blame.
Why does the sun shine upon me
Why my friend, AM I not a vile soul
A wicked seed of Adams Loins.
Eve did not lure me nor did the serpent tempt me.
Upon my own influence I committed my sacred deed
Abominable to the Lord of host
Vile to the angelic host.
My eyes are waiting for death
Sickness come and strike me and paralyse my joints
Let me know no happiness but fill my days with sorrow
I am a soul most deserving of hell
If there are terrors greater than hell, then that is my portion.
In my sufferings will I find peace
For justice will be mine.
Under the torrent of wrath, I shall be satisfied.
Though my groans may exceed yet peace will fill my heart.
For I am my friend where I ought to be.

My friend, you have lost your senses!
Wake up and sleep not in your guilt.
You speak words of a fool
For if you knew the full measure of the misery of hell
You would speak no longer.
Let me counsel you and bring you to the one who understands your pain.
I hear the whole guilt of mankind was upon His shoulders.
He drank that bitter cup to the full.
To all who have trusted in Him he has taken their portion.
If you will come to Him today, He has taken yours.
And that burden which is upon your back
A gentle look upon is risen face will displace all your guilt away.

I shall come with you to find the truth of your words
I shall walk with you till we reach our shore.
Expect no cheer from my company
Or no words from my lips.
I’ll walk behind your happy face
I’ll walk with sadness on my face.

Oh my friend you do make me sad
A rain of tears flood my eyes.
If I could take your pain I would
But we go to the one with the delightful eyes!



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