Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A penitent prayer

Oh Lord my God
Holy and awesome
You are clothed with righteousness and splendour.
I am a worm, a lowly man that is laden with sorrow
For I have sinned against you!
Because I know you and the greatness of your holiness 
I despise my sin and loathe myself for sinning against you.
In times like these, I have no where to run nor hide
For your eyes are upon the ways of men.
Because I know you Lord I am sad
I am downcast within me and I know that you are watching me.
There is one else to turn but to you.
For you are the only God whose mercies are renewed every morning.
Here I am Lord with my impurities
With a broken and contrite heart I come before thee.
I am unworthy to be in the same realm as you
But here I plea in the misery of my bones
That you cause your light to shine upon me.
No more will I indulge in the ways of the flesh
Nor will I glory in the pride of life
But with humility I will have the mind of your son Jesus Christ.
You are my heavenly Father and I plea
That you bound me to your law
Let me not forget in my weakness and let me not boast in my strength
But at all times, let me do your will.
I love you oh God but I pray that you remove from me
The impure motives, the wants of the flesh and the craftiness of my heart
Replace it with your steadfast love and un-bias love.
Let me walk thy narrow path and kiss my cross.
Oh Lord my God
Holy and awesome
How excellent is your name in all the earth.


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