Monday, 7 March 2011

Joy of confession 9

Oh God I feel very sad and sorry for my sins. I feel a bad soul and weak and really sorry for what I have done. If there ever was a broken soul it is mine, and if you were a man I would ask if there was any work that I could do for you. I would happily would have given you my right arm and right eye to show how sorry I am. Oh Lord, have mercy for my sins, pardon my iniquity for I am a man, only here today and gone tomorrow. I am like the flower of the field, and if you do not restore my Joy how can I praise you for the dead cannot sing your praises. I am terribly sorry and please I am a forgetful soul. Remind me at all times to keep away from the door of iniquity but to always stay on the path of righteousness. I am sorry my Lord, have mercy upon this trodden soul.


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