Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A prayer for my soul

I come before you Lord, after a long time away
I come to seek your presence.
Help me now to remain in you
Steadily nourishing upon your love 
Steadily gazing upon the brightness of your face 
Feeding whole heartedly upon the comfort of your words.
You have known my struggles and my sorrow
You have known my fight.
Humble me once again, humble me my Lord.
Christ, I have come to see is my lasting treasure 
All other treasures here on earth are sand
But Christ is better than Gold, He never perishes
Nor does He ever lack; Help me feed upon my bread
Help me drink the cup of my wine
That I may live with Joy and dance in your courts
That I may love my brethrens and arbour sin
That I may count your word a delight and pray unceasingly
That I may put to death my members here that Christ may be my Life.


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